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Begin your journey as a Flight Attendant Trainee, receiving comprehensive training in safety, customer service, and onboard hospitality. This role offers the chance to thrive in a dynamic aviation environment, providing exceptional care to passengers and ensuring safe travel experiences.


Miami, FL



What You'll Do

  • Ensure the safety, security, and comfort of passengers while complying with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. 
  • Conduct preflight safety checks, respond effectively to emergencies, and manage customer service duties such as food and beverage sales, meal preparation, and first aid administration.
  • Perform all tasks in accordance with safety regulations and company policies, and be prepared to handle emergency situations and diverse responsibilities as required.


  • Required qualifications include possessing a valid passport with at least 6 months validity, ability to travel internationally, pass FAA drug testing, and a high school diploma with two years of customer service experience. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English, basic computer skills, physical capability to operate aircraft equipment, and readiness to work independently and as part of a team in demanding and emergency situations. Meeting appearance standards, being adaptable to varied schedules, and having the stamina to endure the demands of the role are essential.

Who You Are

  • The ideal candidate is safety-oriented, detail-focused, and excels in delivering exceptional customer service. Strong communication skills, physical fitness for aircraft operations, and adaptability to dynamic schedules are essential qualities
    At StaffXAero, we value creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. If you are ready to contribute to groundbreaking aerospace projects and thrive in a dynamic environment, then hit the apply button below to launch your career with us.
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