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We are seeking a talented Avionics Project Engineer to join our team. If you are passionate about aviation and have a strong background in aerospace engineering, we would like to hear from you. Click here to apply and take the next step in your aviation career.


Dallas, TX



What You’ll Do

  • Key responsibilities include conducting concept analysis, design and test plan evaluation, process and procedure assessment, functional and data requirements analysis, complex system evaluation, and documentation preparation for advanced systems. This role specializes in diverse areas such as structural dynamics, software, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation, communication, and production methods, with potential expertise in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, or guidance and control systems. Experience encompasses electrical, avionics, computer, safety, reliability, systems, and quality aspects, with proficiency in program plan development, launch vehicle mission trade studies, mission analysis, console operations management, real-time data analysis, and requirements verification.


  • Candidates should hold a Bachelor's Degree in a STEM field and possess over 12 years of aerospace-related experience, particularly in satellite and launch vehicle guidance, navigation, control, flight computers, communication systems, data buses, and software. Additionally, qualifications include risk assessment proficiency, systems engineering expertise, customer interaction with USSF, NASA, NRO, and launch vehicle subcontractors, and the ability to deliver presentations and reports to senior engineers and management. Excellent communication skills, knowledge of launch vehicle avionics interface systems, and proficiency in MS Office, IT systems, and databases are also required.

Who You are

    We are looking for a dedicated aerospace engineer with a strong technical background and a passion for solving intricate engineering problems. If you are enthusiastic about aerospace technology and possess a proactive mindset, we encourage you to apply.
    The ideal candidate is a team player with excellent communication skills and a desire to contribute to groundbreaking aerospace projects.
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